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Lines Outside the Box

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Trans joy, identity and creativity

Art-prompt sessions with a Gender Frame

Unbox Presents: Lines Outside the Box Creative workshop series

These are going to be fun and relaxing drawing sessions with new accesible prompts each week that will be interesting and engaging! Participants will be encouraged to push themselves outside of the box, whether that be the box of gender or just the lines you usually create.

Workshop #1 - Book Here

Trans joy, identity and creativity

In this session we will explore Identity and experiencing joy away from the lense of constant negativity. Octavian will give out a few creative prompts and ask everyone to relate this to their own concepts of joy and gender to explore. This is not just for trans people, we want to create a space where everyone can create and explore together! The class starts with some quick and fun drawing exercises to get you warmed up. Then goes into longer drawing times and runs for 2 hours with 30 mins at the end to show off our work and have a chat to wind down.

We believe we should foster creativity and play more than we do in our adult lives; so we create for the sake of creating, rather than to produce flawless art.

What do I need?

These sessions are for all creative spirits and no experience is needed. All that's required is whatever materials you like to create with, an open mind, and a respect for others. Whilst some certain materials will be used by the facilitator, this is designed for folks to use whatever materials they would prefer to use. If you are new to creating stuff, we suggest the following to get you started, but if you know what you like to create with just bring it along. We suggest mediums you can work with quickly as some of the prompts are fast, so drawing is what we do but this is up to you!

Suggested Materials:

-Paper or notepad (even lined paper is fine)

-Pencils, pens, highlighter, felt tips, crayons, chalks - anything you have laying around the house, or fancier ones if you like!

- You can alternatively draw on a tablet if you fancy and that is easier for you.

- Your laptop or phone with the Zoom app downloaded

Who is running the sessions?

All the sessions will be facilitated by Octavian Starr, a trans community artist and advocate who believes creativity is for everyone and wants to create safe spaces for trans and other LGBQ+ people to explore art and be respected whilst doing so. The world is particularly hostile to trans folks at the moment, so having a space for them and their allies to create safely seemed needed! We will explore a range of subject matter, concepts, and themes centering around trans identities and gender. We are providing a safe community space where you can relax, create and share your artwork at the end of each session… but only if you want to! Each session is a bit different so check them all out!

How much will it cost?

Each art prompt session is ticketed and priced at £5 - £15, and you can join as many or as few workshops as you wish. We don’t want limited funds preventing anyone, especially people from marginalised groups, from attending.

We encourage those with the ability to pay the higher ticket price to do so, meaning the lower price tickets can be bought by those in traditionally marginalised communities or who are struggling due to the pandemic. Please get in touch with for the limited comp tickets for those who cannot afford £5 at this moment. If you need to bring a carer or access worker this person attends for free and does not count toward the overall capacity, you must purchase this with your paid ticket.

At least one workshop will be a life drawing session with a live trans model. Live model events will have a higher price as 50% will go to pay the model at a fair rate. This is TBA at a later date.

Where are they held?

The class takes place using Zoom. Login information is sent to participants via email after purchase. You can reschedule the booking up to 24 hours before the event starts.


Thursday 6th May 2021


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