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Lines Outside the Box

A creative workshop

Art-prompt sessions with a gender frame: exploring trans themes through creativity and community

What is Lines Outside The Box?

A fun and relaxing drawing session with new prompts each week that will be interesting and engaging! Participants will be encouraged to push themselves outside of the box, whether that be the box of gender or just the lines you usually create.

Who is running the sessions?

All the sessions will be facilitated by Octavian Starr, trans community artist and advocate who believes creativity is for everyone and wants to create safe spaces for trans and other LGBQ+ people to explore art.

Who are the sessions for?

These sessions are for all creative spirits and no experience is needed. All that's required is whatever materials you like to create with, an open mind, and a respect for others.

What will the sessions cover?

We will explore a range of subject matter, concepts and themes, centering around trans identities and gender. We are providing a safe community space where you can relax, create and share your artwork at the end of each session… but only if you want to!

How much will it cost?

Each art prompt session is ticketed and priced on a sliding scale, so you can join as many or as few workshops as you wish. At least one workshop will be a life drawing session with a live trans model. Live model events will have a higher price as 50% will go to pay the model at a fair rate.

When is it?

Six 6pm- 8pm BST every Thursday for 6 weeks starting May 6th - although anyone around the world. Sessions run for 2 hours and there will be short intros at the beginning and a ‘show and tell’ at the end for those who want to share their work.

How do I book?

Tickets can be purchased via Eventbrite - booking links can be found below:

May 27th - Trans bodies - life drawing with a live model

June 3rd - Future matters - imagining the future

June 10th - Pride and protest - resistance and resilience in art


This is a fun and relaxing space for all trans people and their friends, allies and family. We believe creativity should be inclusive of all and celebrate everyone's perspectives.



We are currently unable to offer closed captioning or sign language interpretation. However, if you require a carers ticket this will be available for free if you need to bring someone for access.

Session Rules

We will ask you to have your video on for the session for safeguarding of all the attendees. You may not screenshot, photograph, or record any part of the class, if we find out you have done so this will result in an immediate ban for life from any of our sessions. We also request that you do not share any Zoom invite link with anyone else, this is so that we can maintain security and safeguarding for all. If you have a friend who wants to join, please encourage them to apply for their own ticket. Tickets are priced on a sliding scale basis, to make all sessions as accessible as possible to those on lower income.

We ask everyone to state their pronouns in their username, and that these are to be respected at all times. No hate speech or actions will be tolerated at any time and folks will be asked to leave if you are found in breach of any of these rules.

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